The Importance Of Blogging 

The Web Log or more famously known as The Blog, is one of the oldest surviving forms of social media. The majority of people have read a blog, but are people fully aware of the true power that comes with blogging?

  • There are currently more than 8 million blogs in the Digi-sphere.
  • Every 7-8 seconds a new blog is created somewhere in the world.
  • There are almost 3 million new posts made every day.

First launching around the mid 1990’s, the blog is one of the oldest forms of social media.  It’s roots are therefore fully embedded in the stimulating membrane of the world wide web. It has been absorbing content well before web 2.0.

If there isn’t any more of a reason to get blogging, then you must seriously be missing the point. While many people invest huge amounts of money in google analytics and paid for advertising, blogs automatically bring more traffic to your website through the key words that Google picks out from websites.

Building your brand image

According to information obtained from a PRCA training webinar: 70% of people admitted they learn more about a brand via it’s blog than through it’s paid for advertising.

This just goes to show how effective a blog can be. The amount of organisations around the world that invest large amounts of money into advertising and promotional services, when there’s a free alternative right on their doorstep. This reinforces how PR is adapting to the technological developments of the digital age.

With free blogging websites available such as Blogger and WordPress, there’s no excuse to get set up on the vast landscape surrounding blogging.

If you want to go the extra mile, you can pay for your own domain name, however this is only optional, you can include your company name in the WordPress header.

Case study

Once upon a time, there was a rather large fellow by the name of Mark price – the managing director of Waitrose. Believe it to not, his unflattering body image actually benefited his retail giant in more ways than one.

Waitrose were keen advocates of the blog, eager to post on a daily basis. However, they were missing one vital point, engagement. In order to create a successful blog, it must contain a certain style and personalisation.

Waitrose began by throwing out content left right and centre. This resulted in maximum effort but little engagement. This brought about a sudden change in tactics. The clever team and Waitrose thought up an ingenious strategy of creating a blog about Price and his quest to lose weight. Because of the witty blog title, The Chubby Grocerthe site took off and engagement doubled. They integrated the story of him losing weight as well as discussing the new weekly Waitrose recipes.

This was a great way of promoting recipes from the Waitrose magazine and giving Mark Price good publicity. All round fantastic PR. This is a perfect example of how companies like Waitrose are adopting to the fast paced environment of the digital age.


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