The Power Of LinkedIn For PR 

With the digital environment developing day by day, LinkedIn could be one of the most powerful PR tools for practitioners.


One of the best things about LinkedIn is that the company is highly regarded by Google (Hughes,2017). This means that LinkedIn articles and posts are likely to be ranked high up on the Google search scale.

This is fantastic for employers if you’re looking to advertise for free on LinkedIn and get more people to see the post. You’re also able to enter the ‘LinkedIn Recruiter‘ part of the website which enables you to directly advertise for jobs on the system.



Increasing the amount of contacts in your address book is highly recommended. LinkedIn is a professional environment whereby users can interact and engage with future employers and organisations.


As your contact list begins to flourish, you will encounter past or present employers. This can aid your online profile in more ways than one. Like myself, who has done a few pieces of work for free, it is important to gain something out of the experience.This gives you the opportunity to gain valuable feedback from your employers.

In the ‘recommendations’ sections in ‘experience’ the user is able to request for recommendations or enable the employer to complete one themselves. This will appear on your front page for everyone to see.

LinkedIn Company Page

A powerful way to take full advantage of LinkedIn’s features is to compile your own company page. This gives you the control to gain a following and help promote your business.Creating a company page also gives you a better chance of promoting new campaigns, which you can then share on your regular LinkedIn account.

Join Groups

Groups are a fantastic way to improve your overall PR profile. For example, the PR Professionals group has over 90,000 people in it. This gives you the opportunity to share content and make additional connections with future employers.

LinkedIn Pulse

Take full advantage of LinkedIn Pulse This is a section of the website which enables you to get insights from successful people in the industry. You can choose who you would like to follow such as PRCA specialists or business owners. This will boost your connections as well as inspire you to develop new PR skills and knowledge (Iliff,2015).

Make Use Of Slideshare

LinkedIn decided to buy Slideshare in 2012 for $119 million (Rao,2012), since both platforms complement each other so well. Slideshare is a great way to develop your knowledge of the PR industry from the perspective of professional individuals in the field.

LinkedIn Analytics

One of the great features of LinkedIn is the fantastic content analytics section. This is brilliant for monitoring content such as account views and when your profile was visited. It also compares you to other connections in your contact list.

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Worth The Upgrade To Premium?

Comparatively, there aren’t huge differences between the versions. LinkedIn has a deeper analysis of your profile and the jobs tab, plus more details involving salaries and job descriptions in jobs near your area.

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