My Public Relations Journey 

I was first introduced to the exciting world of Public Relations last year during the ‘Introduction to Public Relations’ module. For a number of weeks, I struggled to distinguish the true understanding of this industry. Was it just a fancy name for Marketing?

Our aim for the year was to pick and monitor an organisation over a scheduled period of time. Having worked for Waitrose for the past 5 years, I chose to observe how renowned owners John Lewis communicated as a successful retailer. This involved the way in which the partnership reacted to various issues that the media broadcasted to the masses.

As the weeks progressed, I felt myself becoming more curious and eager to learn more about the subject. Christina Zaba and Richard Bailey quickly engaged us with vital information regarding greater chances of employment after graduation. Employers are looking for generation Y and Z which makes us quite valuable considering we’ve been brought up with the technological advances in social media and the web.

I found that Public Relations was far from Marketing. It was an exhilarating industry with something for everyone. Surrounded by vast areas of information with new and exiting techniques growing by the day. This is what has given me the inspiration to pursue a career in this fast-paced landscape.

Progressing into my second year, through studying Digital Communication Management, I have continued to absorb as many techniques and information as possible. In terms of my progress outside of the UWE workshops, I have taken full advantage of the PRCA online webinars. Considering students get a phenomenal deal of £12.50 for a yearly membership, it is an offer you simply cannot refuse. Bearing in mind, each webinar averages £95.00! I hope to complete the 18 webinars over the next few months to claim the reputable qualification from the PRCA.

Over the course of my degree, I feel my preferred style of learning has involved a mixed approach. I deal well with theory based work but benefit hugely from implementing practical based work in a professional environment. This is a great way of putting what you’ve learnt from the classroom to progressing toward a real life scenario – hugely useful in future careers.

My future work experience includes a four week placement at the Soil Association in Bristol – a non profit sustainable PR company that has established itself in organic farming in and around the UK. I’ve also lined up some experience at a tech PR company in Chepstow called Cohesive. I’ve always been interested in technology and the number of sectors it can impact, I’m therefore willing to fully immerse myself in the opportunity. This gives me a variety of experience in different areas of the PR industry, to hopefully widen my employability for when I graduate next year.


I’ve also been given a chance to work on the Waitrose internal magazine: The Waitrose Chronicle. Considering I’ve been with the partnership for 5 years it puts me in a good position to progress internally – an opportunity I plan to pursue in the ongoing years.

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