What effect will Brexit have on the PR industry?

With Theresa May promising to trigger article 50 by March 2017, the entire of the UK now has doubts to the effect it will have on the country. But what effect will Brexit have on the PR industry?

An interesting statistic coming from PR Week, claimed that 79% of the people in the PR industry that voted to remain believe there will be serious issues for organisations, big labels and politics in Britain. With other fears that budgets will be cut on the amount companies can spend on improving their PR and marketing. This is not great news for someone like myself that has interest in going into PR as a future prospect. Of course we don’t know what will really happen until Britain has officially exited the EU. Even months/ years afterwards it will be hard to see the full effects of the Brexit. Considering the pound has fluctuated back and fourth, there may still be hope for the PR industry.

The leave campaign

Looking at PR itself and the leave campaign. It was evident that the vast majority of people that voted to leave the EU were consumed by the advert talking about the NHS and the ‘promise’ that it would bring ¬£350 million a week if we left Europe. This was a PR campaign in itself, proving how successful public relations is in manipulating the consumer. Obviously people that backed the leave campaign were accused of being ‘uneducated’ and not doing enough research, it reinforces the power of the media and how it can easily influence a large population.

However, Matt Watson argues that there is fine line between good PR and lying Рusing false information. This was the case with the NHS claim, even though the statistic was condemned amongst critics, the people of Britain still felt it was a good enough reason, showing the pivotal role that the National Health Service has in UK.